Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

What's funnier than a night out at a comedy club?

Teaching Kindergarten and First Grade Sunday School, of course! I kept a running list of the most hilarious comments made this year, and even though you can't see their cute little faces and expressions, which makes it even more hilarious, I thought I would share the list for a good little chuckle. Man, I am gonna miss these kiddos next year....
Cookie Serving Day- their all-time favorite day.

Me: That's a beautiful dress, Genesis. Is it new?
Genesis: Yes! I got it a lonnnnng time ago!

Samuel, commenting on a photo: That looks like two boobers! (They, in no way, looked like breasts, whatever they were)

Annie: You'd probably have longer school in China.
R.C.: You can only have one kid in China.
(Don't really know the direction these facts were going)

Me: What is "offspring"?
Nathan: Umm, things that, like, don't happen in the spring?

Nathan: Camels store water in their humps to have for later. So when you ride camels, you're actually riding on a bunch of water.

R.C.: I have school ALL day!
Annie: I know your pain!

Nathan (after a kid told a story about his grandpa): Grandpas...gotta love 'em!

Me: What did you guys do this weekend?
Samuel: I went to the pumpkin patch.
George: I LOVE pumpkin pie! Who here loves pumpkin pie?

Annie (speaking of why it was dangerous for Jacob to be sleeping on a rock at Bethel): Cuz your brother might be going and huntin' out and sayin', "Hey, I'm gonna kill this."

Logan (sharing about his encounter with a poke bush): My face didn't go in it. I was lucky to be alive.

Me: What are you thankful for that starts with a "W"?
Annie: Will! (her brother)
George: Yeah! A humpback whale!

Me: What are you learning in class lately?
Genesis: I'm wearing a dress.

Nathan (after I complimented him on his dapper attire on Valentine's Day): Thanks. It's my Valensday jacket.

During snack time, all the kids sit around a rug and I hand out cheese nips. Two fairly new students, brothers Kevin and Andy, started picking up the crumbs that fell from the other kids' mouths...and eating them! Annie said that was SO GROSS:)

Jackson, trying to say his memory verse: John 3:18....Action...and tongue.

Genesis: Jesus can miracle everything.

Nathan (after I asked him how to spell "banana"): B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A
Me: BananaNa?
Nathan: I must have lost track.

Me (during snack time): Everyone get in a circle and sit down.
Annie: That's not a circle, that's a big... glob of kids!

Genesis: Sometimes our bones grow inside our bodies and we just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Seriously.

Nathan: Mrs. Petie, are you going to have a baby?
Me: Yes i am.
Nathan: Mrs. Petie, are you married?
Me: Yes, to Mr. Dan.
Nathan: No, Mr. Dan's your BROTHER!
(My husband and i look a lot alike, so it was a reasonable assumption:)

Jackson (to my husband): Did you know Miss Petie is pregnant??

Me (sharing the story of the repentant man hanging on the cross beside Jesus): Once he repented, Jesus saved him. Can you ever lose your salvation after Jesus saves you?
Annie: No you can't. It's like a shield. No, more like a big knife that someone sticks into your belly. Once it's in, there's no gettin' it out!
Me: I don't know if that's the best analogy, because you CAN pull the knife out.
Annie: Well, you'd have to have a really big strong guy do it!

Like I said, I'm gonna miss those little goofballs:)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Nursery!

All the baby showers have been had, and oh boy, were they fun and amazing and a reminder to me of how God provides beyond our needs. With not only "stuff", but with the love and support of so many wonderful women, who have encouraged me in the faith and in the future journey of being a mommy. I am forever grateful to these women who allow God to use them as faithful stewards in the home. They are true servants.

Ok! So here are some pics of the nursery. D and I finally got everything put together (at least for the moment. I know you moms are thinking, "HA! Put together! Enjoy THAT while it lasts."). So the room is set up, semi-decorated, diapered  and wiped out, and ready for occupancy! JUST in case Baby DJ decides to come a week or so early...which mommy wouldn't mind;)

The crib we got from craigslist that matches the changing table. I love the finials on the posts- stars and moons:)

My rocking and nursing corner. Rocking chair was 15 dollars at a garage sale! What a steal. Might get one of those fancy gliders later on, but in the meantime, we are going to try this beauty out.

The bookcase containing most of Baby's toys, swaddling blankets, books, and a cute piggy bank that CiCi bought. Gotta start saving early, right? College is expensive!

Changing table, baskets of diapers, super soft changing pad, polka dotted Boppy pillow, and a Diaper Champ that a wonderful friend from church is letting us borrow:)

My dad had this white dresser when he was little. We had my aunt paint flowers on it when I was little, and I recently added the funky green and zebra knobs. It's got a sound machine, clock, cute little monkey shoes, and a picture frame just waiting for a cute baby face to go in it! On the door hangs a super cool matted print that says simply "Love". Cuz that's all you need, right?

Bought this curtain from Pier One recently after getting married. Thought I would use it (plus it was on SALE! haha), but never did. Well, it came in handy finally. Mom and D hung this up to cover the closet (we took out the super-hard-to-slide-doors), as well as the soft and sheer dotted curtains over the windows.

The baby bedding was made for me by an amazingly talented friend (not the sheets). It is so soft and just what i was looking for. The sheets say "i love mommy. mommy loves me. I love daddy. daddy loves me"...we are starting early on the subtle subconscious mind-controlling. The bear is from Meme (great grandma) and the giraffe is from CiCi (grandma). The hat was made by another amazing friend. She's in med school and planning her own wedding, so i'm pretty amazed she had time to make such a cute owl hat!

can't wait to put a picture in that frame and little feet in those shoes!

As full of a picture as i could get.
Three more weeks and this room will never look this clean again! So enjoy it while it lasts, right? Now, onto filling the hospital bags and writing the birth plan...(Plan??)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty Funny Whole Foods Video and "Forks Over Knives" Documentary

"Forks and Knives" Trailer
Whole Foods Parking Lot

Thought these two videos were worth sharing. One is funny, one is informative. I'm sure you can figure out which is which:)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pregnant Chicken

This blog is hilarious. Especially the post about Baby Shower Cakes. Click here to check it out. And the picture is one of the most conservative of the me.

What's also funny is my 11-year-old cousin made my husband and I a baby calendar. It's really just like an animal-themed wall calendar that she added captions to. It's pretty cute, but her spelling is atrocious. For all the times she writes "baby", it is spelled "b-a-b-b-y". As in, "What sould [should] i get that babby?" or "I'll get that babby a nice wet kiss". Phrases such as those. So this cake resonated with me as well.