Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Insecurity lyrics

Lord, give me water
cause my throat is dry
Lord, fill my hungry heart
cause i feel empty inside
Lord, give me satisfaction
when i think that i need more attention.

cause my insecurity
sometimes overcomes me
and I'm losing faith
and i really need Your Peace
But Lord, while I'm waiting
for contentment to come
Let me rest in Your Security

i keep my heart
under lock and key
i'm falling apart
i need You to bind me
Lord at times i feel that Your Grace that covers me
is the wrong size,
Did it shrink?

Cause my insecurities
always overcome me
and I'm falling fast
O Jesus, give me Peace!
When the darkness tries to shadow me
Jesus, make me see
that I'm secure in Your Security

I'm blind
You make me see
But what about those times the absence of color's in front of me?
In my helpless state,
let me fall on my knees...

Cause my insecurity
always overcomes me
and i'm failing fast
O Please Jesus, give me Peace!
when the darkness overpowers me
Jesus, make me see
that i can rest in your security
O, secure in your security
Lord, I rest in Your security.

-amh, "insecurity", a lyrical composition

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