Friday, February 20, 2009

A Beauty Call

I have recently become a fan of (and by recently, i mean this morning) supposedly i belong to the facebook group, but i belong to a lot of facebook groups, most of whom send me messages, updates, and planned events that i never get around to reading. But this morning, after eating bacon with my dad at our friday morning breakfast spot (Good Egg. I can call it our spot because this morning the hostess said, "he's over there waiting for ya in the usual spot:), and then having a couple brownies at home, I have some free time before class that i decided to make use of. and no, not by sleeping. although it is tempting:). the coffee is keeping me up for at least a little while longer. So anyway, I opened a few emails that i usually end up deleting, and what a treat! This site, whose focus is on identity, beauty, and impact, is a wonderful resource for women of all ages who struggle with outward appearances. So, ALL of us basically:)

Like i said, i just ran across this site, but what little i have gathered so far, it is a faith-based organization run by a Christ-loving woman whose goal is to reach out to those in the pit of societal standards on beauty. Being a past anorexic and obsesser of food, calories, weight, etc., this has really hit home. I just finished watching Part one of an interview Constance (the lady who heads this site up) had with the director of a new film called "America the Beautiful", which focuses on make-up and its ridiculous impact and power over almost all women. Please watch it! and watch Part Two as well, I'm getting to that in a little bit:

Also, i learned this lady is going a month without makeup, and documenting what happens and changes in her life along the way. What a great way to give up an idol! I remember my RA freshman year (in good old Reid Hall), who was an amazing support to me in the 3 semesters at arkansas, she and a friend decided to cover up their mirrors with paper. She would have to get dressed and do her hair (i don't think she hardly ever wore makeup), then head out into a sea of people without even knowing how she looked! That may sound ridiculous to most guys, and probably a few gals too, but to me, that takes A LOT OF GUTS!!! i think she challenged me to do it too and i may have for two days or so...but this was at a time in my life where my confidence was at an all-time low, and my main goal and desire in everything i did was not to please God, but to get skinny and sexy!! sad, but true. So check this site out. I look forward to looking closer into it.

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