Friday, May 22, 2009

Fummer Sun!

It's summer, by golly, and her number one fan is here to enjoy it! i seriously live for summer and not a day goes by when it's under 75 degree weather that i don't ask myself why i haven't left this "season schizophrenic" city. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii...I dream of these places. i literally DO dream of them. unconsciously. or subconciously. whatever. So why am i still here? I have to ask myself that question a lot, but the answer never takes long in showing itself. or i should say answers plural. I was going to spew my wild and crazy ideas for this beautiful summer "vacation" (ha!), but it seems like the perfect match to the subject of "the reasons why i stay in Wichita":
First, there are the people. God is everywhere. I can be with Him in Arizona, but i cannot be there with my mother, who happens to say the wierdest, most random things that throw me (and her) into fits of crying laughter. i wouldn't have my father, either. A man who keeps my life together, keeping me on the right track, financially, health-wise, academically, mechanically (i'm talking cars here. keeping it running:), and sometimes (i am grateful) pulling me down from the huge hot air balloon of ideas i have once again hitched a ride on. we make fun of my dad for his infamous question, "How about we make a list of your goals?". but you know what? I'd be in a mental institution without him.
then there's my book club. oh my goodness, when we get together, it is a comedic sitcom. i'd say we could call it "Suburban Housewives Drunk on Jesus and Wine", or something of that nature, but of course I would not fit into that category:0 I'm the only non-married chick in the whole lot, and i wouldn't have it any other way! Why? b/c listening to these ladies accounts of marriage, kids, wifely duties, and basically being an adult (of which i consider myself as not there quite yet), is one of my most prized blessings. I get to hang out with ladies who love Jesus and know what it's like to be married--the ups and the downs, and the huge differences between men and women. It brings me back down to earth. Without knowing it, they are uplifting me and encouraging me by the slightest things. the way they dreamily talk about their husbands. the way their faces light up when they talk about their kids. and even the hard stuff. I feel like i am a fly on that wall that many single young ladies wish to be. except THIS fly gets to sit in a chair and discuss books. God is great. He knows how much help i need in preparing to be a future wife and mother. He knows. and He has brought his warriors to surround me and mentor me until the time comes. i jokingly told one of my clubbin' friends that, "It's so great because i get to learn from all of you guys' mistakes!". haha. totally not true. but we are human. so yes, i guess it's true in a way! But these women are so down to earth and up to God (does that phrase work?), it's simply spectacular.
Well, so i guess this turned into a book club post, but that's the way my mind works. it's so filled to the brim that i must pace myself so as not to bust open with overwhelming idea-atic stimulation! next post---talking about KRIS ALLEN's big win, grey's anatomy's shocker, my jewelry business and farmer's markets, my new girls' Bible Study, and plans for the church nursery! to battle all of those now would require pages of typed thoughts. MUST HAVE PORTION CONTROL!

Happy Summer!


Erin said...

So, I just LITERALLY had to clean up the mess I made spewing pomegranite mojito on my husband's desk reading your suggestion for me to run on my treadmill naked. Of all the things that I currently do unclothed, that one had not entered my mind. You make me laugh so hard, my pie slicing friend!

And, seriously, PLEASE learn from our mistakes! We promise to learn from yours, too ;-)

And "down to earth & up to God" is a stellar slogan - definitely something I aspire to. I'm thinking t-shirts...

Lucy said...

Oh I love it when Erin spews out anything because she's laughing!
Petie... I'm so glad the club has brought our lives together. I just really like you... even if you still don't ever talk to me at church. :)
And I'm all for t-shirts!!!!