Thursday, June 11, 2009

Astoria, NY: Day One

here i am in the great state of new york...where i have begun to realize some inconsistensies in my own life as well as the cinematic world. first, with me... this past week i have managed to "lose" my phone for a span of a few hours or more probably around 6-7 times. it started with a trip to kansas city, a stop by my cousins' house, a nap in their chair, and a slippage of the cellie down the cracks between the pillows. that resulted in a much horrifying and extremely claustrophobic trip for my communication tool to get from there to my mailbox. so today, once again, i lost my phone. i "lost" it. i got on gmail, where my faithful friend heidi's chat dot was green and i asked her to call me (this is when i love technology). suddenly my butt started ringing. yes, it was underneath my very being. so then i start chatting on it with heidi ho. i asked her if she was going to such and such tonight, assuming it was monday. she laughed. it's thursday. i don't know what i was thinking. then she says something about hte time change and i realized i was assuming the time on my computer was correct, tho it hadn't changed from central time. later in the convo, i asked her if she was going to zumba (our new dance class obsession). that, also, is monday nights. oh heck. what's happening to me? it gets worse...i can't type!!! i mean i can obviously, but my fingers used to majestically fly over the keyboard, hitting the exact letters at the precise time in sequential order. now, i am backspacing every other letter.

i changed medicines recently. this has to be it. otherwise, what excuse do i have for being so discombobulated? see, i just hit the > key five times before my finger hit the ? key. then i was writing before and it came out befrer. and my finger started out as " i finger". which is never good. AHHH!!! stupid mind-saving medicine!

so, the complexities of life...first of all, i am going to type out exactly how it comes out the first time in this next paragraph and you shall see my dilemma...

i was thinging about cinetamtic films and the facts that jthere anre mayny incondsitstentincies. in it. thenm. in them. anywhays. first of alkl i woudl like to address the issue of bathroom breaks. in wha tactiaon action here heo hero flick yo do you see them taking bathroom breaks. ? what is if ouur our hero or main character really has to take a dump somewhere between the jump off the elevator i mean helica helicopter ( i alwmost said aligator) and the landing on sthe the ice sculptured roof that exploodes into a million little pieces ijf if he doesn't get to the bomb in time> ? i mean, sm sometimes, it's now ovr or now. i mean, you ahve to go now, or you are just gonna "go" in your pants now. no wia waitn watin waiting. you neded a need to fings d find a toul toilet f more than saving the world. but that never hapens. p happend. happens. another thing...are women who savie save the world never on their periou periods? i mean, what if a tampon gets too full right m when she has to go in hand to hand hc combat with the em enemy agent? THAT never happens either. and what is all this crap about waking up with a perfect makeupes make-u[[e make-upped face? and then going trhou through the wo whole span of the movie (3 or more days of action) without e reappli reapplying? it's preposteri preposterous!!! and im i'm sorry , but i don't get how in every action flick, you never see a heo hero talk taking a nap. if they do, it is restless and no good in the end. OH AN D ONE MORE THING! how can jack on 24 do all of this as well as go without food or a decent snack and chug of water? THAT'S preposterous! it's funny bc we still are glued to the tv, completely enraptured in a false story, when all common sense says it could nee never happen. it's ike like our subconciounses are shouting-
LOKK LOOK it can't be real they aren't even taking potty breaks!!!
so, anyways, these very deep questions have been pjl plagueing me lately along with the fact that i am fogre forgetting how to do everyhting i ever learned. liek how to type and keep track of belongings. and how to keep track of the time and what day it is. but that's ok. this is just a phase.

i have learned something in important from the this post and that is that once your spelling errors reach a maximum of 5 or so, the computer stops underlining the errors and just lets them slip thru as is! hahah!
obviously none of this has to do with astoria except the fact that i am here, and these are my experiences form from the firsrt first day. soon, i am going to meet up with my dear freind friend kily kiley and we are going to go grocery shopping and make a scrumtious meal tonight. i'm excited!

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Erin said...

Dude, you're in QUEENS - get off the internet!!! :-)

Jack Bauer is EXACTLY who I thought of when you began your little diatribe. Seriously, he needs protein & hydration to save the world. And if he never goes to the bathroom, that signifies an even LARGER problem, IMO...