Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Nine, goodbye, Twenty Ten, Hello there

My new year's resolution is off to a good start! I desire to blog more often and aspire to be a significant part of the blogging community. besides learning tons of interesting things about people, i am also inspired through other entries on blogs. i also would like to get my name out. my business name, that is, as my very first resolution this year is to put 100 percent effort into getting Petie Mae Jewelry off the ground, into the web, and into homes all over the world! i desire to make delightful wearable creations with a personal quirky twist while at the same time raising funds for causes i support, such as Compassion International's Unsponsored Children's Fund! I have a little girl through the Compassion Program and her name is Purity Gakii Mati. She is from Kenya and i chose her because her birthday is only days away from mine (plus, i have been to kenya and feel i have a connection with that hurting country. plus, i love to pray for this girl, because as i pray for Purity, i am also reminded to pray for my own personal purity, which is something i struggle with, being a passionate right-brained person and all!). so twenty-ten begins the first year as a non-student for me, as well as the first year i will spend the whole of with somebody i am utterly and completely in love with (see photo on side right). God is so good. While i always spend Christmas in my hometown of Wichita, we did something a little different this year. on december 27th, we headed out to beautiful Colorado, where we visited aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and in-laws. we spent two nights in denver, a day in boulder on pearl street (where i totally need to sell my wares), a morning at Snooze, the most wonderful breakfast place on the planet, nights doing yoga and playing Wii, a second Christmas in COlorado Springs, a New Year's full of games and sledding and puzzle making in Lake George, a day of ice-skating and shopping in Breckenridge Colorado. man, we were everywhere! While ice skating was awesome and i realized my boy has some amazing icing skills, i did get pushed down by the little bro (who is a "fire" guy, rather than a "ready, aim, fire". aka he doesn't "think it through") and have some substantial war bruises. i also did one ride on the sled, which was exhilarating, but i had more fun taking action shots, such as this one! one of my favorites! it's my dad, my two brothers and my boyfriend. they are a hoot! i'll be posting more pics on facebook in the days to come. man, my list of "to do"s is so crazy long right now, but i am super excited to see how the Lord works in and thru me during this next decade. it seems so substantial to us, but to God, it is only less than "a blink of an eye". i'm going to enjoy this blink while it lasts:)

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