Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding Gowns and Gasp!

Well, now that i'm engaged, I am on the hunt for the (my) perfect dress. And it's been quite a hunt. While i have only been to three places, and those just in the Wichita area, i think i have tried on at least a hundred! Yesterday, i thought i had the one. It was funky, unique, lacy, antiquated-looking, vintage, and gorgeous. but...i just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Last friday, my mom and i visited "I Do Bridal and Tux" in downtown Wichita. The customer service there was great, and it was a really fun environment. There, too, i thought i found the one. Then i went home to stew over it. This stewing is what has saved me from many a purchase! i should stew more often, especially after a trip to Target or, GASP- which is my name for GAP, because once there, i become a Great American Spending Person...and we all know that gasping will occur after it sinks in how much monetary damage we have done to our checkbooks. Gasp, indeed!!
It's not like i'm determined to have people gasp when i walk down the aisle in my finally found gown, and i'm really okay with it not being terribly unique. I just want one that, i don't know, "fits" me to a tee, my personality, everything. I have the gown in my head, I've dreamed about it. I was joking to my soon-to-be-hubby (except the fact is, it was not a joke at all!) that everytime i closed my eyes, i saw wedding gowns going thru my head. Even ones i had never seen before. Which makes me think--is wedding gown designing in my future? hmm...something to stew over:) Even on the drive home last night, I was staring at the snow-covered streets and the snowflake-covered everything else, and was, you guessed it, picturing wedding gowns made of the same snowy patterns! Snow is actually a great inspiration image, for those of you into wedding gown designing. Maybe that should be my little secret...oh well!
So yesterday, in the snow and the ice, my wonderful mother, my amazing cousin, and myself drove to the ends of the earth-Derby, Kansas- and looked for the perfect gown at a place called "Simplistic Bride". Very great customer service! I had a wonderful lady named umm...Sue, i think. Shout out to Sue!
I tried on about 15 gowns, as compared to the 25 i tried on at the first shop, which means i am narrowing down what i want. This is a good sign. So today, on to "Uniquely You" on the other end of the earth-Gasp!!- the West Side (of wichita).

Wish me luck--er, Providence!

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