Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kindergarten Conversations

I teach a Sunday School class for kindergarteners at my church. Today, there were only two who showed up. I'm guessing it's the time change?? Well the two that showed up were none other than Annie and Samuel, my flower girl and ring bearer for the wedding! So as we are coloring our big "rainforest poster", i ask them, 

"So, are you guys excited to be in my wedding?" 
Annie nods her head up in down, with a huge smile on her face. 
But Samuel says, "Miss Petie, I need to tell you something. I might not be able to be at your wedding because I need to take care of the baby donkey" (they have a donkey who just had a baby!).
So i say, "OH, that makes me sad Samuel, but I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. I will just have to ask another boy to be my ring-bearer."
Samuel: "Well, actually, I probably could miss a little bit of a day. What day you are getting married?"
Me: "It's June 26th. If that's a bad day for you, Samuel, I understand."
Samuel: "No, I can do it probably.....Long pause.....Miss Petie, actually i forgetted that my dad will need my help bringing in the cows that day. He can't do it without me. So i don't know if I could be there very long. I would have to ask my dad and tell you later".
Me: "Well, i kinda need you to be there for the whole day, so i guess i should pick someone else. Annie, do you know any other boys who could be my ringbearer?"

As annie and i discuss possible substitutes, Samuel's eyes are big and he has that face on that little boys get when their plan of trying to be "too cool for school" fails, and as they realize that it didn't give them the results they wanted.
Samuel: "No, Miss Petie, I can do it! You don't have to ask anyone else. I will just let my dad take care of bringing in the cows. We haven't even boughten the cows!" 
Thanks for making me a priority, Samuel:)

Phew!! Looks like I don't need to worry about finding a replacement after all!!!

And later that told to me by my mom: 

Someone at church: "How old are you Samuel?"
Sam: I'm six. 
Annie: No you're not! You're five.
Sam: No, I am. I'm six.
Annie: Wait a minute, that means i am six since we are the same age. Am i six?
Sam: I'm seven. 

                                                                       Samuel. :)

So interesting how the male/female differences come out so early in life. Men trying to impress and constantly "one-upping" the girls.


Erin said...

So adorable! Don't worry, Petie. As the wife of a farm boy I can tell you that June is either WAY too late or WAY too early for cattle moving ;-) But it DOES require the son's help! Even when they're 30!

I, on the other hand, may not be able to attend if I'm birthing a human...but I'll try to hold it, cuz I REALLY want to witness your big day!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! That is too cute!