Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being Engaged...

Life since being engaged has been, well, crazy. Has been, well, hectic. Has been, well....AMAZING. It truly is a lot of fun, and as long as i am of the mindset that i do NOT have to get everything right and it's all about the marriage not the wedding day, I think i'll be good:)
Some fun plans and ideas, information on the big day!

1. We ordered custom bobbleheads for our cake topper! We sent in pictures to this online company. Then they sent us proofs of the heads and made necessary changes until we gave the final approval. Of the few people that have actually seen them, about 1/2 say they look just like us, and 1/2 say they look nothing like us. See for yourselves...

We are a little disappointed in the quality of the piece. the platform spins in a circle, but the bottom part came unglued. Also, the music box plays "Lullaby", which is HILARIOUS for a wedding song. They actually never asked us if we wanted a particular song. I actually didn't even know it had a music box. Weird. What's sort of cool is that the song "Lullaby" is the one my mom has sung to me since i was an infant. So...despite the obvious eccentricities of this product and the company, I LOVE how it turned out. God works through mistakes:)

2. My flower girl is wearing a tutu!

I ordered this tutu from a local seller on When it arrived, i realized it was a LOT poofier than expected! My little flower girl has about a 3 foot circumference around her body when she wears it! We were thinking about scrapping it and getting an entirely new outfit (Annie, the flower girl, informed me that although she looks good in almost anything, this tutu was too puffy to wear:). Instead, i have decided to keep the darn cute thing and just go all out with the outfit! People would expect no less of me anyways. i'm always the quirky dresser. So i took annie to a local dancewear store, and we bought a white unitard with sleeves, which i am thinking about dyeing gold. And i still have to get little gold sparkly shoes for her...

3. We have our couples shower this Saturday! My brother and sister-in-law are coming from Colorado, and Dan's parents are coming from Illinois! Apparently, we have around 80 people coming, which i think is more than the venue can hold! We are actually having the shower at this AMAZING and unique home that i used to nanny at. I nannied for the Peakes for a couple of years- just me and precious little Haley Peake. They go down to Santa Fe and stock up on the art market finds. It is very southwestern in that house. Animal hides all over the place, and Indian trinkets. There is literally an entire glass room devoted to cactus- over 200 types of cacti in this cactus garden! WOW! It's going to be a blast, i CANNOT wait.

4. Our wedsite is officially up and running! I'm not going to put the address here, because it is for guests only, but i've been working like a crazy woman trying to get this up. If you are coming to the wedding, check it out! I tried to invite everybody i've ever met to the wedding, but it didn't quite fit the budget:(

5. My invitations turned out GORGEOUSLY!!! I had them made by Tessa Morrow, in connection with, a local business specializing in preparing for all your wedding needs. We had an official "invitations assembly party" at my house on Monday night after a few of us girls went to our Monday Zumba class. Mom made some yummy delicacies for dinner, and these amazing friends helped us out until the wee hours of the night...Heidi, Kristin, Jeri, Pamela, and of course, my mother! I am so very thankful for these women who so generously and selflessly served me in my time of need. So the invitations are officially assembled, and i couldn't be happier. :)

So....5 little tidbits about what's going on in the life of an engaged woman! Stay tuned! Believe it or not, we are not even halfway through the planning and prep work!

45 more days...:)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think the bobblehead looks amazing! I don't know if it looks entirely like the photos of you guys but it's cute none the less!

LauraLou said...

My flower girls are wearing tutus too - Well, actually petticoats, but close! I'm soo excited! And Target has sparkly ballet flats for little girls!

Meg - [Life of Meg] said...

Oh my dear goodness... I LOVE your bobblehead cake topper! I would not expect anything less awesome than a bobblehead cake topper from you, Petie May! You're so cute... I am so happy for you!