Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Creations

There's a lot going on as of late. Post-wedding is NOT a letdown, at least to me. Rather, it is the fresh new beginning of something mysterious and yet anticipated with uber excitement. Uber. My paintings are still in the basement of my parents' house, mocking me with their imperfections and begging me to cover their flaws, and my jewelry and supplies are still in the chaos i call my old room, having been neglected since wedding planning took precedence over creating jewels, photographs, and paintings. Wedding planning is its own source of creativity, and rightly so. But now that I have wedded...I NEED a creative outlet!!!

D's B-day cake
Enter: Food. Baking, to be specific. And a dash of cooking here and there. I DO have to feed a bottomless pit of a man every night. So baking for fun, and cooking as more of a necessity. Here are a select few of my recent creations at the new home. I can give you recipes if you so desire:

Strawberry Rhubarb Cake: I made this for D's birthday celebration, and it turned out splendidly! However, i think i baked it for three times longer than the recipe called for just to get it "done" all the way through. Weird.

Well, I might as well add D's Bday festivities pictures. My present to him was a "Night of Feasting", and from the looks of this photo, you will understand what "dessert" was:) OH, Marriage!
His "dessert", which he opened in front of my parents and well..everyone! You might think that's weird. I do too. And yet i do it! Let's celebrate marital sex people!
I laugh like this a lot. Didn't realize how wide my mouth went and how freaky i look! Can't help it, though:)
If he wished for me, Surprise! He's already got me:) You wasted a wish, babe!

Next up, Chocolate Coconut Slices, a HUGE hit:

i got this plate for a wedding gift. Absolutely love it! it just makes baking that much more fun.  

Fruit and Nut Clusters: Another Huge Hit!

Don't wanna brag about my successes, because i have to tell you, i'm not adding the ones that i know the consumers were forcibly getting down their throat in an attempt not to hurt my feelings. The good thing is, D likes just about anything. And my family-some of them-don't like just about anything. so they tell me when it stinks, and D lets me know it doesn't. The circle of life.

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