Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Food For Thought Spring Fling Outdoor Market

Had a great day out in the sunshine this past Saturday at the market. Didn't sell a whole lot, but I met a lot of great ppl and had a lot of visitors. Thanks for all my friends and family who came out to "drop by", check out the wares, maybe even purchase a few:), give me a chance to go to the restroom (being 30 weeks preggo makes you hafta go all the time!) and grab some food- like a vegan burger (without the bun), some of Sonya's Good Ole Cookies-she had gluten-free!-, and fun samples like chocolate milk, cheese, gluten-free lemon poppyseed cake...I love samples! Too bad I can't give out jewelry samples:) Maybe I can figure that out someday...or maybe not. Here's what I sold saturday:

My friend Grace from Colorado Springs decided to get a few cloth bracelets for her loved ones:) Thanks, Grace Face!

Lillie, Hope your mama loves this necklace!

I just made this one the week before, and a great friend of mine's hubby got it for her for Mother's Day!


So Saturday was a lot of fun, and I consider it a success when i get to see some of my favorite people and Petie Mae Jewelry fans stop by- or maybe they are just fans of me. But I'll take that over the jewelry any day! 

Happy rainy day Wednesday!

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