Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going Loco for Local!

I assumed i was doing my environmental duty by purchasing organic fruits, veggies, and grains at the major health food stores around town- Green Acres, Food for Thought, and Whole Foods. My initial switch from your average grocery store to these higher priced venues was for allergy reasons- gluten, mainly. On my quest for "gluten-free" eating, i grew to learn a lot more about the physical benefits to humans, animals, and plants by going organic. You know when you THINK you know a lot about something? i always think by reading a few articles, i've got it figured out. But i never do. Once i began the first page of this month's book club pick, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", i quickly realized that this brain of mine still had a lot of learning to do. I'm never good at describing the process of thinking that led to my altered views, but suffice it to say, i will be supporting my local growers as earnestly as i can from this day forward!

For now, being a student about to start school, and living at my home where mother is queen of the kitchen, i know that these aspiring efforts will have to start small. But they have to start somewhere, right? i consider it a victory when i don't automatically launch to the extreme of any resolve (in this case, stocking up on a week's worth of local fare and recipes, prepared to cook and bake my way to my new eating habit goals). We all know (if "we" actually know me) that i am a woman of extremes. no middle ground. frightening at times:).

so this is good...i'm starting small. YAY! what i'm thinking is that i could probably commit to making one meal a week for my family and I out of only locally-grown food. The farmer's markets are hoppin', i've got saturday planned to visit one of them in old town, and i've got some recipes i'd like to give a go at.

So, no, i have not purchased a goat yet. for milk. or chickens. or seeds, hoes, weed-whackers, compost, mulch, and a straw gardening hat, but i am hopeful. if i start small, maybe by the time i have a house of my own i will know what i'm making for meals and not resort to mac n' cheese and spam right off the bat! just kidding...i would never eat spam.

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Erin said...

Hey! I'm really getting into this book, too. In fact, I googled "potato plant" just to see what the heck she was talking about ;-) And my grandpa was a farmer!

My family is seriously into whole foods and naturopathy, and Jeff is such a good sport, BUT I've got a long way to go! Looking forward to hearing more about your weekly cooking adventures for the fam!