Wednesday, October 14, 2009

kindergarten sunday school. what a trip.

i love my kindergarten sunday school. they are a hoot and a half. they're all monkeys, especially the boys. they make up songs that they've "heard" before. they are know it alls... "i KNEW you were going to talk about that! i KNEW we were going to do this craft today!". and crazy enough, the Bible story of the week is always their "favorite story in the Bible"! and what good is asking a question when the automatic answer is always..."i KNOW! Jesus Christ!" or "i KNOW! God." or some version of this:) oh the covenant children of God! how precious they are. and hilarious. God is greatly humbling me thru this class. half the time my crafts do not work. we did window painting on those clear tablets you can hang near a window (im not explaining this correctly), and the paint was of a booger like substance. gross. it was not working out. the same day, i told the story of Jesus' temptation by the devil in the desert, and when i came to the temptation to turn the rocks into bread, i said, "Jesus said to him, 'man does not live on bread alone, but on....every...word of God.'" that is not correct, and not only that, it makes no sense grammatically! is this a grave sin of heresy or something like that? i don't know. but i am realizing how much i thought i knew of the Bible is a lot more than how much i actually know:) or even just of life. give me an hour of playtime with kids, and i will knock your socks off with how easy it is to interact with them and teach them thru playing. but give me the microphone as an authority to teach them about Jesus, and i blubber and babble on nonsensically, thus proving how small the gap is between my knowledge and the knowledge of little people sixteen or so years younger:) i love it, though. i am so blessed as i continue to take on responsibilities that look like a "piece of cake" from the outside looking in! who do i thank for this amazing opportunity to serve and be humbled? i know the answer to this one....Jesus Christ! God!


Erin said...

So funny! I've taught 1st & 2nd grade for two years now. At that age, they're really interested by who's "going to hell". And they know the SMALLEST DETAILS of each Bible story. Like, I say "He lay down and slept" and they're all "and he used his coat for a pillow on the hard, cold ground!". Sweet babies :-)

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm so impressed that you can do this! It seems overwhelming to me, but your spirit looks to be up to the challenge :) Cute stuff.