Monday, November 23, 2009

11/5/08- dear me

Dear me,
you are pretty heartbroken right now. you dreamed your own dreams and it has led you down a path of disappointment. don't give up! Give all your fears, worries, speculations, and presuptions to God YOUR Father Almighty. He and ONLY He can rescue you from this dark pit. You are worthy of nothing. Don't be fooled. Nobody owes you anything. You make problems come out of the air. You are ungodly in your superstitions, propositions, and inclinations. you do not hold the future. In fact, you do not hold anything. Christ Jesus our Lord holds you in the palm of His hand. you are clean for He has bathed you, daughter, in a fountain of blood (i wonder what Jesus' blood type was!). you complain and you nag. you're a hag. do you want things because God is wanting you to have them? or are you just trying to escape? you've done that many times before, and you always come back battered and bruised, dazed and confused and abused. do you not think He is with you everywhere you go and everywhere you stay? Take heart. God has your travel plans in His pocket. He also has the number of breaths you have left. will you waste them over pining after {things that} may or may not lead you away from the narrown path? True, there are otehr narrow paths, unpopular, criticized beliefs, but those lead to the edge of a canyon. though those who follow it do not know that until they fall. you look at ppl traveling on other paths and your path. and you judge them. you do. i know you do. God knows you do even if you are unaware. if you think you are going to have a future life pleasing to the Lord, then you shouldn't be surprised by the challenges and setbacks along the way. if you never go thru them, your faith will stay as a shallow pond. Break out! Catch the gravity of the stream and let it carry you to clean waters and unlimited bounty. you have gifts, yes, but what good is it talking about them when you do not utilize them? you wish you had enough faith to be blind. here's your chance! Profess your faith! they may not understand, but leave that part up to God. you think too logically. you think you know someone who wouldn't budge in their beliefs no matter waht you say to them. but how do you know? and where is the faith? if you are willing to be blided to what is ahead and you fall, He will catch you. Satan has no power over Him and you are His. so therefore neither does he have any power over you. if you just follow Christ. walk to the cross and don't be afraid to risk your life. i know you think you'll be cheated if you don't get what you expect (family, husband, children) but doesn't God promise greater riches in heaven than any on earth? ...If you want to go frith without Him, go ahead. but don't expect the blessings that God wnted to pour down on you but held back because of your disobedience. if you ever think your judgment is better than God's, then you are WAYY off course. so i beg you, give up. let go and let God. You wish to bless but instead you curse. Instead of on chariots you ride in a hearse. and along the way, you've emptied your purse..

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St. Pete K-Life said...

That is powerful, would you mind if I shared that with some people?