Saturday, January 30, 2010

Give me more!

I found my dress and it's all i ever dreamed of and more!!!! Just went this afternoon to "Uniquely You". The girl who helped me was named Alyssa, same spelling as mine. and she was so great, she knew exactly what i wanted. I ended up buying the first dress i tried on, but tried on some others just in case. Here are some of the "others"...I felt like Cinderella in the poofy one. SOOO gorgeous. I can't show my real dress here, because my fiance might stumble upon it. But SOON i shall be able to show it!


Erin said...

You are going to be SOOO beautimous, Petie! can't wait to see the "real" dress - but if htese are any indication, it's going to be fabulous!!!

Juliana said... is PERFECT! You will look like such a beautiful princess!

lesleygrace said...

ahh this so fun!! you look gorgeous in al of these dresses! dan's a lucky guy haha can't wait to see your final pick! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! That's great you found your dress.