Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Many are the Plans...

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21.

That verse hit me like a two ton something as i did devos this afternoon. Ever since i woke up this morning, my mind has been a mess of crazy. Dresses dancing through my head, flower bouquets, favors, houses, plans plans plans!...and i have found it extremely difficult to focus on quieting my soul. I have been taking care of a sick girl, my cousin Taylor, who is living with us, so it's nice to be home. I did a workout tape this morning and a 50-minute yoga burn workout which, kicked my little hiney! But it felt so good. and the endorphins now are jumping up and down inside my heart's trampoline (doesn't your heart have one?).

I was actually reading in the book of Hosea, about his wife of "whoredom", as the King James Version puts it. The amount of grace, risk, mercy, and forgiveness God was calling Hosea to have for his wife is astounding, yet nothing compared to what God has done for us, sending his son to be a mere human. So i am reading this, which is kind of hard to follow for me in my new King James Bible. But, being scatterbrained and all, i was glancing around the room, perusing my beads and dreaming of jewelry delicacies and i saw on one of my cloth boards the Proverbs 19:21 verse. I had written it long ago, and like things that have been in the same place for awhile, i kind of forget to look at the board, or even realize it is there. But boy, do i NEED that verse today! My plans, mostly for my wedding, seem so monumental to me at this moment. I am wrapped up in the selfishness of being a bride-to-be. I'm sure the line between basking in your moment to shine and putting others before your needs is at a different spot for everyone. But i haven't quite found that spot. I enjoy planning. i enjoy all the plans racing through my manic brain. But i forget about what is real. What is now. I glanced at the news this morning and saw a clip on this little girl who wanted to give her prosthetic leg to children in Haiti whose limbs had been severed. She is like 2 or 3, a cute little asian girl. Her dad is in Afghanistan, and when he heard what she wanted to do, he cried. In a completely opposite side of the world topic from where i am right now, it is good to get a reality check. Wedding plans are great. They really are. and i think there is nothing wrong with basking in this moment of your life. But for heaven's sake, I need to remember that i am but dust!

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