Thursday, February 25, 2010 My new Favorite!!

Do you have a stack of old textbooks laying around...ones that you spent at least 50 and maybe even 150 on for those vital and not at all time-wasting college courses? Do you like that stack, or would you prefer to see it gone? Good news!! Get this...I posted 6 or 7 books on this AFTERNOON, and I had already sold FOUR by 10 pm, making my earnings approximately 200 dollars so far! Crazy. My books were the cheapest on the list, but they were still going for 40-65 bucks. Not bad for a little extra spending money, eh? Hmm, whatever should i spend it on? Or i could just save it up for my wedding. Yes, that sounds adultlike and practical. Are crazy bohemian light-wash jean shorts out yet? I want me some!

here's some from but i think they are way too short. Anywhere i can find longer ones??

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