Monday, February 8, 2010

Peppermint= Strange Sensations!

Let's see...I am taking a shower this morning, dry off, and come to the issue of moisturizing my skin. Usually an easy task for many. However, most of the lotions i have tried have made my all-too-sensitive skin break out into weird spots and bumps. After my previous shower, I slathered on some Alba Cocoa Butter lotion from my recent trip to Target (where I bought ZERO percent of clothing items! See, I'm learning:), and that night, the bumps made an appearance. So i gave that little bottle to my fiance, who thinks he is too manly to wear lotion. I have tried to convince him of the great benefits of using lotion. No dry, flaky, itchy skin. No worried looks from those you meet on the road. in the office. wherever. It's just-humane, you know? I feel like thinking lotion is too girly is equivalent to not using toothpaste, cuz "real men" scrape their teeth with a whittled tree branch, or something...:) You get my point. He will, too. So after I got out of the shower, I saw my Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber lotion and my Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue lotion that i get with my perfume purchase, both of which have given me bumps. 

It's snowing today, here in Ta-town, the great W, Wi-cheetah. So obviously going out to get a bottle of lotion was not sounding pleasurable. So i opened my drawer, and spotted the perfect bottle- Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion!!! It's all natural. Peppermint Bees somewhere in the world probably made it. It seemed like the answer to my problems. 
45 minutes later, I am in the same spot that i was after applying generous amounts of Peppermint lotion over my entire-and i mean entire- body. Right in front of my mini heater, huddled in a miserable ball of freezing. You know that skin sensation you get from Hot/Cold gels and Ben-gay and such? Well, I think Peppermint lotion is worse than that. I'm sure it would feel refreshing on a pair of weary feet, but feeling as if I myself were lodged in a block of solid ice, with a strong scent of Peppermint, was, to put it lightly, HORRIFYING!!! It's like being freezing no matter how hot the room is, how many layers of clothing you are wearing, how many blowdryers are being blown over your body, because the sensation is ON YOUR SKIN. 

For all of you reading this right now, you should feel fortunate. This knowledge will save you from a miserable nightmare of your own. If you are going to use Peppermint Lotion, remember two things: Do not put it on your face (which i didn't, Thank the Lord!), and Do NOT, i repeat, Do NOT, apply it to any area between your legs, under your belly-button, you're tracking by now, right? 

That's it, that's my life-saving advice for the day. Heed my words, male and female and child, for they are wrought from experience, a road less traveled, and rightly so. 

Oh and get this- the headliner for this product on says - "Makes your toes tingle". Uh huh. the toes and what's attached to them.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh no! That would have been so rough all over your skin! I'm glad you've pre-warned everyone.

I have really sensitive skin too and the only lotions that haven't broken me out are the neutrogena line

Lucy said...

So, just to clarify once more... DON'T put it anywhere under my belly button or between my legs?? Got it. Thanks lady d'jong.