Friday, February 5, 2010

Bridemaids Dresses-HELP!

I am having a heck of a time finding a bridesmaids dress. All of my lovely 8 bridesmaids are different sizes, shapes, heights, busts, and shades! It is impossible to find the "best fit" for all of them, but it is also nearly impossible to find a satisfactory one. Plus, with my must-haves: long-length, flow-y, and hopefully a band across the middle (empire waist style), with a ribbon cascading down the back- and something under 150 dollars each...It's dang hard!!!

I have probably spent a cumulative of 20 hours browsing for dresses. Praise God i found MY dress so quickly! Now i can spend all of THAT extra time searching for my best friends' gowns. Don't get me wrong--I am having a blast looking at all of the creative fashion going on in the world these days. But there comes a time when you realize a few things that make this decision ever more urgent. Like, for instance, my eight bridesmaids are from (note that i am in wichita, kansas):
San Diego, CA
New York, NY
Overland Park, KS
Colorado Springs, CO
Chicago, IL
Salina, KS
Valley Center, KS
and YES, one faithful Wichitan-my dear friend Heidi:) 

I'm actually making it out to be a bit more dramatic than it is...see, Valley Center is like, just across the pond, and salina and overland park are only a couple hours away. 

Well, I checked out this site:
and found a nice dress that is affordable and chic. But it doesn't have pictures of the different colors, and there's no way i can try it on. or anyone can. until they are ordered. 

HELP! Please, if you or any of your friends have had a wedding recently, and a similar bridesmaids dress crisis, I would covet your tips and advice!!!

Til then, back to googling:)


Erin said...

Well, I don't know how much help I can offer...3 of my 4 bridesmaids were in various stages of pregnancy when I got married, so I just asked them to find a black (because even when you're pregnant, you still want to look as thin as possible ;-), tea length halter that they felt comfortable in. The dresses were all a little different, but had a similar "theme". Plus they got to decide how much they wanted to spend.

For Christine's wedding, she, Diane, me, and mom all went to look at dresses. She and I both tried on the dresses she liked and were able to get an idea how they would look and feel on the tinier and, uh...bustier gals :-)

Ordering online is hard because there's just no way to KNOW!!! Sheesh! Maybe you could take your measurements, order one, try it on and return it?

Megan said...

Hey, Alyssa... I was just in my brother's wedding, and she had a similar problem: bridesmaids out of town, and many different body types. She chose a color, length and fabric from, and we each could choose our own style.

I know there were a couple of boutiques both in KC and here in San Antonio that carried the dresses, so maybe all of your out-of-towners could find one too!

Hope this helps! Congrats again!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have you tried a place called David's Bridal? They're national wide so your girls could go to them almost anywhere to get fitted for the dress. They also have a HUGE selection.

Susan said...

Cute blog!! Popped over from Simple Fun Little Blog... I wish I had some great tips for you...I got married so long ago (and my girls hated the dresses I picked out..hahaha)... have you looked at ... they actually have some very cute dresses...sorry, I wish I had more suggestions for ya:) The last thing you need is to be stressed out during this wonderful time in your life...but we all do it! Good luck! ~Susan~

Michaela said...

Hi, I don't even know you but I am a good friend of Megan Gensch and I saw your blog on her blog. I have been thinking about your dilemma the past few days and today I looked at a few sites:) This might seem stalkerish, but I love wedding planning. I found a few on davids bridal that were around 150, long, flowy, empire waist, band...but no ribbon on the back. This one is 145, the style number was: F12732 I hope your search ends soon:) take care, Michaela Wright

petie mae said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the tips!! I actually found a dress, and it is beautiful! Waiting for it to ship to me in the color that i chose, Peony,and i will post a pic of it as soon as that happens!