Monday, March 8, 2010

Initials Part Deuce

Speaking of strange initials, my friend Heidi suggested i post what my future husband and I's marriage initials will be...You know, First is Letter that begins Girl's first name, Then the Last name in a Larger font in the middle, Then the letter that begin's Boy's first name....
 Well, my name is Alyssa ..............A
Our last name will be De Jong.........D
And my fiance's name is Daniel.......D
So there you have it, ladies and gents, ADD
Attention Deficit Disorder.....nothing to laugh about, but i am definitely laughing. I wonder how many guests think about buying us monogrammed towels, but then change their minds after they've mulled it over? 
Personally, I think it's awesome, and i JUST might put our ADD on our wedding programs. I wouldn't put it past me. I can just hear all of our guests snickering in a whisper (if that is possible).."Look at the initials! Haha! I wonder if they even noticed. or maybe they were already ordered before they could change it!!! AHAAAHAA. 
I am okay with this. 
With a little extra creativity, I also thought about Petie Mae & Daniel DeJong, which is PMDD. Also, not a laughing matter, especially if you have it and are reading this post. If you are and you do, stop reading right now. 
because i am definitely laughing about that one, too:)   

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