Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taboo Initials

I showed my husband-to-be a design i had made for our "Save the Dates". It looked something like this:
S.T.D. for Daniel and Alyssa's Summer Wedding!!!
a           h         a
v           e         t
e                      e

It didn't fly.

But it reminded me of a similar instance when my best friend Kiley and I were training for a half-marathon to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wichita. The program was called "Team in Training" and was often referred to as "T.N.T". Kiley said- "I don't get why they use the wrong letters. Why don't they just call it "T.I.T" like it's supposed to be?"

That, too, did not fly. It didn't even make it off the runway.

And while i am bashing on (in love and admiration) my oh-so-wonderful-in-every-way best friend, I must share another story...

When Kiley was having dinner with new fellow students on her first day of college in NYC (King's College), they were getting to know each other during the meal and it somehow came up that she had lived for 2 years in Japan and therefore, had experienced a lot of new raw seafood tastes and textures. When asked about raw Octopus, she said something like, "Well, yeah it's just such a weird slimy texture, especially when you're trying to chew the testicles." The mishap here, if you missed it, was the replacement of "tentacles" with something even more appalling (it's also in bold, if u missed it the second go-around). Luckily, her mom was there to save the day with I'm sure something really witty:)

I love you, Kiley Shae. And i guess i will see if you ever read my blog....;)

Any other fun "Taboo Initials" or Word Mishaps?

Maybe i will share some more at a later date. I don't think a day goes by where i don't laugh at a mishap. But the funniest ones, the classics, are ones you remember. And blog about. LOVE! 


Erin said...

I love you, friend. You always make me laugh! Right now, if Jeff gets his way, our daughter's initials will be KGB. That's kind of the Russian equivalent of the CIA. Not as funny as STD, though :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, I can relate to this post. My initials actually spell out something unpleasant so I NEVER use them! lol

Aron said...

Nothing gets the fun started like an STD.
We designed post cards, then had them made by a post card marketing company. It was fun to make and obviously very personal (and inexpensive).

Good luck and congrats!

GUAMtastic said...

Hilarious!!!! I once sent out an email to all of my department about pubic buildings... Damn you L!!

Ready 4 Anything said...

Haha! That's funny! Well, I do remember a time when you were thinking of what to put on the top of your cake for a topper and your initials were used. Then you just kept thinking of more instances where your initials combined with Dan's initials make for a pretty amusing cake topper. You can blog about that one. :-) Love ya!

petie mae said...

So erin, Katherine Glory? Gertrude? Geraldine? Grace?

I bet it's grace....sounds like one you would choose:)

kk said...

Well, after people think it's funny to ask if my middle name starts with "K" find out it starts with A.

KAK happens to be Dutch for crap/s***.

I also happen to be dutch.

For this oversight, I don't blame my parents at all. I just now know to google my childrens initials before I give them to them. :)