Saturday, August 21, 2010

Death of A Lemon Tree

My friend Emily just informed me that her lemon tree died. 

See, I bought an orange tree at the farmer's market in downtown Wichita last summer/fallish. Then i ran into Emily and she decided she wanted to get a lemon tree! These things are quite puny. I bought a huge pot for it in hopes of a fruitful growth, as well as encouragement for it, kind of like telling my tree that i believe in him, and he CAN fill up this pot with roots! It's akin to when my mother used to encourage my 5'1", 14 year old older brother. AND HE DID FINALLY GROW!

But alas, I think my orange tree is the exact same size he was 7 months ago. BUT he is still green and his leaves have not fallen off. If Florida would've given up on their orange trees all those years ago, well, you would not be grabbing your Florida orange juice out of the fridge, my friend. 

So I press on...

I would add a new picture of my tree, but there is actually another post about it and it looks the exact same. sad day.

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