Monday, August 16, 2010

Keurig- Welcome to the Space Age

I think that the life of the Jetson’s is not so far away. I can’t believe the amazing little gadgets that people come up with. Upon opening a roomful of gifts when we returned from the h-moon, I discovered that something crazy amazing lay in one of the large boxes. It was our Keurig! Ever heard of a Keurig? I didn’t, until I was over at one of my mom’s awesome friend’s (and mine) house and she had one and practically insisted I get one. I am SO glad I did. This little booger is amazing. How it works: Well, you get these little things called K-Cups. They remind me of those little cups of creamer that you get at restaurants, but bigger. There are all types of flavors of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa (my fave!). Different brands. Extra bold to decaf. Lots. There is a built- in canister on the one side, and that is where you pour in the water. Instantly, it makes this rumbling noise that appliances make when they are working really hard, and it turns that water into 182 degree water (or whatever degree you set it on). Then you put your mug under the spout, choosing between three different cup size options. Grab your K-cup, open the lid and place the K-cup in its place. Close the lid. And the coffee begins dripping out a few seconds later. WOW! Seriously, I just watched as I closed the lid and my wonderful brew of energy practically fell out of thin air.
Now, one mistake I made already is I kept waiting for the machine to say “Ready to Brew”, but it kept saying “Not Ready”. So that frustrated me, but I gave it a break because I figured turning cold water into 182 degrees was not a small feat. After about five minutes of tinkering around, I decided to just put my mug under the spout, and of course, it said “Ready to Brew”. Ohhh, I get it. Okay, that’s easy. Now, the Keurig is a pretty penny, and I kinda just registered for it (at Bed Bath and Beyond) last minute on a whim because I was told I didn’t have enough large items registered. Didn’t think I would get it though. And I registered for various boxes of K-Cups, which I received and it might have been a bummer if I didn’t even get the machine. It’s like buying all these frozen goods, thinking your freezer is coming in the mail. And it doesn’t. JUST like that. I forget for sure, but there might be a variety pack that comes with the actual appliance. Not sure on that. Oh, and don’t forget to get the K-cup Carousal. Cooly schway. I almost feel too guilty to keep this basically hands- free delicacy of a machine. Almost. And I almost want to make Rosie go brew me a cup, but then I realize I can do it in the push of a button. Might as well burn a few calories, right? Now, Rosie, bring me my brew!

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