Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To The Moon and Back

The view from our balcony. We loved those sunchairs in the water.
After the wedding night (where we were excited to find a bag of my favorite BBQ chips and recent food obsession!), my hubbly surprised me with a trip to Cancun for the Honeymoon, and boy was it a wonderfulicious surprise! In all of my guessing and manipulative conning into trying to get him to spill, I never even ONCE guessed Cancun. I am kinda strange in the fact that i love surprises, but i think i love figuring them out before they happen...that's why i love them. i told ya, strange. Never was there a more amazing 'Moon than ours! We didn't really do much, which was perfection. We did go parasailing, a lifelong dream of mine. But i actually got horribly sick because the waves were monstrous, making the boat rock like a steel guitar. Poor D, he was enjoying it a lot, and i know he just wanted me to enjoy it with him. Vertigo/Motion Sickness is one of my humbling trials of life. I hate it when it affects other people though. We also went on our own individual boat tour to the coral reef. We actually got to drive our own boat and followed our guide in his. It was a small dinky little thing, but we loved it! I drove so that i would not get sick. My husband is so not macho-istic. He didn't care the least that he didn't get to drive. At least he told me he didn't:). What a guy:).
Pelicanos and the swim-up bar.

We took a bike ride and a cooking class provided by our hotel, the Royal Cancun. We ran along the coastline to the point and back in the dark. It was eerie and lovely. We took a lot of walks, swam, read, and just talked. About the 3rd day into it, i hit a wall and slept most of the day through. Normally, that would drive me nuts, thinking about being here only once for a week and wasting my time sleeping, but i have realized through the years that this sleeping is necessary. Without it, I wouldn't be enjoying any of the activities, and i would be a bear to deal with. This way, there are less activities we have time for, but they are much more fun!
cactus salad!
prickly pear!

oh my!
The all-inclusive food was, well, plentiful! And yummy! There were some strange options, such as cactus salad, prickly pears, gelatin cakes, and caviar (seriously?? what's the draw??), but we enjoyed trying them. We loved "Pelicanos", the outdoor restaurant right by the pool. And we LOVED times twenty the constant stream of waitresses coming up to us by the pool and taking our orders, minutes later bringing us our mudslides (my fave!) and various other yummy drinks. Our favorite place to go, kind of our default eatery was "Spice" and carried a buffet room full of yummy options. I think I ate these amazing homemade corn chips with every meal. Yep, for breakfast, i would put my potatoes and bacon on them. For lunch, i'd put my meat and guac on them. And for dinner, I'd put just about anything on them. They were heavenly. It might be sad, but it's true: I miss those chips more than almost anything from Cancun.
a typical Petie breakfast (note the chips)
my flavorite thing-chips!

hibachi chef posing for me:)
We also ate at a couple of the fancy schmancy restaurants near the hotel. One was Tapas Pintxos and served the tiniest portions of some crazy weird food. The other, whose name i forget, was a hibachi grill restaurant where you sit around the table and watch chefs throw knives and make a train out of onion rings, then blow it up. AWESOME! and so tasty. There was a large population of Asian people at our hotel, which surprised me because I figured Asia was too far away for this to be a convenient vacation spot. But I guess it isn't as far as I thought, because they were everywhere! I always forget that other countries take vacations, too. I know that sounds weird, but when I go to Tokyo, I am not thinking about those Tokyoans going to Cancun for vaca. I digress.

yes, i am aware that there's a lantern in my crotch!
D treated me to a spa night, where we got couples' massages, then a drawn bath and head/neck massage (with honey!), and a bottle of the bubbly. We both felt kinda strange laying basically naked (we had suits on) in a tub full of bubbles in OUR room, with two men caressing our scalps and pouring sticky stuff all over our faces. I think we coulda done without that part, but our "massoose men" were really sweet. And good. My husband is rather ticklish, and i almost laughed out loud during the massage when i hear from the other bed a squeal, and then a much apologetic massoose man saying, "Oh, you are ticklish!". Haha.
my sexy hubby

Got up one morning to see the sunrise...Ahhh, PRaise Jesus.
All in all, it was just great to be with my brand new husband, soaking in each other and the fact that we were now and forever on this earth ONE unit. It is quite a mystery. We talked a lot and really dug into the meat of what a marriage relationship is all about...and how to glorify our God through it.
sleepy eyes
lunch poolside!
we like to kiss:)


Laura said...

So glad you loved it! I was so excited when he called David to ask him some questions about what we did/what we liked/etc. We want to go back already! :) I got sick parasailing too - Those boats are insane. And the chips! Ahh, yum!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time!!