Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ya ain't gonna foot yer own home, boy, cuz ya ain't gonna home yer own foot!

This is what i said in my sleep a few nights ago, according to my hubby. And yes, in a drunken cowboy accent. What is my unconscious mind capable of?? For real, if this is as good as i can come up with, I'm no sleeping genius! But at least i can entertain my husband in bed even while i'm sleeping:) Censor that, please.

Now that we've gotten off to a fun start, let's keep the energy going!

1. My husband's drawing skills, in one word, impeccable. Look at this startling likeness! Pretty good for an engineer, eh? This is a pic from our honeymoon. The drawing tablet is actually a wedding gift from Brookstone. It's called a Boogie Board and can be erased at the touch of a button. Pretty neato!

2. Home Decor: The top clock is for my husband. The bottom clock is for me. Or should it be the other way around so we can rub off on each other? Well, my cousin Tay got the "Whatever" clock for me, so i guess i need to claim it:)

Karis serving the bubbly with her sunhat on:)
D drinking champagne like a true man:)
3. Did you know Wichita has a Polo Club? It's true, and i went to a "match" with my hubbly and some friends. Did you know there are six periods in a polo match, and they are not called periods, but CHUKKERS? Yep, six chukkers. During halftime, they pick a pretty lady with a big hat from the audience (our friend did it:), have her pop open a bottle of champagne in the middle of the field, and we drink champagne while "Stomping the Divets"...and they reminded us to not stomp the mounds...that was horse manure. I can't believe horses can run and poop at the same time. Maybe humans can too. I guess i've come close before. ANYWAYS...go to a polo match. They are long, but go with some buddies and bask in the hot sun and the smell of horse. It's really fun. Really. Oh and don't forget to bring a sunhat...I was naked headed, unfortunately.
Rudy needed a refreshing cold towel after major frisbee time.

4. Just finished reading, "Sheet Music" by Dr. Kevin Leman. SUPER AMAZING BOOK, especially if you are married and want to keep the excitement alive in your marriage. Just like anything, duh, it takes work. But the rewards are exponential!

Hello i am a stud. See, proof.
Dan De Jong, Triple Jump record. What now.
5. Went on a road trip with my hubby last month! All the way to Sioux Center, Iowa, home of Dordt College. Yep. Infamous i know. Then up to Luverne Minnesota for his cousin's wedding! Looks like my hubbly was pretty hot stuff at the awesome college of Dordt. Funny story: At our rehearsal, I decided to run around like Phoebe does on "Friends" without telling anyone what i was doing. When i made one round about the sanctuary, i said, in between gasps of out of shapeness breath, "Picture me doing this tomorrow if you get nervous! Ok, your turn, babe!" So D decided to show us his triple jumping skills...and from then on, i realized i had married a sub-human. As i'm pretty sure he is part gazelle or frog. Hot stuff!

bustin' a move with the MIL!~
I am also pretty proud of my hubs- he is the only one in his family who dances! and, as you know, to be a part of the Hanning clan, dancing is a REQUIREMENT. We're working on loosening up the rest of his family...Dan dragged his mom onto the dance floor for the "Mother-son" dance. LOVE IT! GO DEB!
Part of the De Jong fam. Rachel was a bridesmaid. What a beauty!
Well, here's me signing off with one last charge...keep a notepad and pencil handy when you sleep at night...records of spousal sleep-talking are priceless:)

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