Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working Towards an Online Victory!

Can't wait to sport the Triple Double-U's and have my Petie Mae Jewelry website up! Yes, it is taking forever, i hear ya. Besides, since i don't have a job, why in the world am i not getting this thing done and ready to take on the world?
Give me a break, i'm a people pleaser. Who isn't? I think people realize i am at home most days, so i am a perfect person to give a holler to, ask a favor, etc. I LOVE helping out, don't get me wrong. It's just that the not-so-urgent tasks get put on the back burner. Speaking of back burners, i even bake more than i make jewelry these days because i am strangely obsessed with making EVERY RECIPE i have ever seen. This reminds me of my disilluisionistic goal of wanting to read every book ever written by the time I died. That got erased from the bucket list. But the food-making obsession has not. I need the jewelry making and marketing obsession gene!
Well, hopefully (don't go there now, it's "down for maintenance" aka, has never been opened yet.) will be ushered in with the New Year, 2011. or 2012? hmmm... Please pray that Petie Mae Jewelry will be all God wants it to be.

I have ideas for social networking, such as having a blog on my website, and ideas for partnering with charities to put on a show/fundraiser with a percentage of the PMJ profits going towards that particular charity.

Nicole Strain, if you are reading this, i am hiring you to become my marketing consultant because you are, well, amazing. Let's talk business. I want Petie Mae Jewelry on the necks of every woman in America--without breaking their wallets or making them feel bad about their purchase.

That's another does one promote their business without using less-than-pristine/ethical tactics? I'm not into conning, or convincing someone to buy something they really don't need, and could be spending on a few meals for a homeless man ("What Difference Do it Make?", anyone?) or for a couple of chickens for Christmas (Gospel for Asia's Christmas Catalog, anyone?)

How do you have a heart for the needy, and be a savvy businesswoman at the same time? Is this even possible??

Oh dear, another post for another time. For the 20 plus people who follow me, please give me your advice/opinions/ideas and pray for the future of Petie Mae Jewelry.

Next up, i'll be posting some photos of some internet-only merchandise!


Lucy said...

Psalm 37:4,5,7
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will act.
Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him...

You're delighting and committing so just keep waiting for the giving and acting! It's coming, no doubt. :)

Sarah Marie said...

I love your heart. Remember that, while helping your husband, and raking in a little dough while promoting your business, you are:

1) Creating with your Creators creativity, glorifying him as an image bearer, making the world more beautiful, one neck at a time...we are called to make things better. Kingdom work.

2)being necklace is like 5 batches of baked goods that bless your husband, family and friends.

3)Saving a little to prepare for the little 'needy ones' that the Lord will bless you and Dan with in the years to come. Viewing your home as a mission field really helps!

Love you!

petie mae said...

Ahh, i love my girls. Thank you for pointing me to the ONE and ONLY. HE will give me all i need to thrive!