Sunday, December 12, 2010

Upholstery 101- Challenging and Fun

we received this wonderfully comfortable chaise lounge chair from my parents for our new home. But as you can see, it needed a makeover.

Enter Upholstery 101 at the Sedgwick County Extension office~

First class was spent de-stapling...definitely the easiest job. Only got harder from here on out...

Second class, mom was out of town, leaving me up a creek without a paddle, the paddle being sewing skills necessary to do ANYTHING else in that class. So i waited....

Third class, got the bottom cover on!

Largely due to mother's sewing skills.

Batting and Padding. Neither of which are done on a baseball diamond or in the middle school girls' locker room.


Naked backside. We stripped a lot of it down, but we didn't have to re-tie springs. Praise God!

This is looking like a chaise lounge...a pReTtY chaise lounge

Plusher. We finished OVER half the job in one class period.

the LAST class period, when everyone goes home and says Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, we are saying, "can someone help us move this monstrosity?"

clothed backside.

Whew, are we done?

a million thousand (approximately) staples and headaches later....tada!
This was a really fun class and i am sure the next time will be better when i don't feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off. One thing's for certain, if mom wasn't there by my side, this thing would still be the tan-gray beauty it began as.

The ladies in this class are HILARIOUS and it's very worth taking. However, make sure you have the time (6-6hour classes) and the moola for the resources (staple gun, compressor, fabric, sewing machine, all the knick knacks....another thing i'd be unable to do without my mother). Great bonding time, though! Highly recommended!

Thanks, Phyllis and Frances and all the other helpful and entertaining ladies at UP101!


Jacie said...

Nice! I'm impressed! :)

Erin said...

Is there anything you CAN'T do???

petie mae said...

haha yes, so much i can't do- and a lot that i WON'T do!