Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You’re Gonna Need to Check That Extra Baggage…

…and let’s hope it’s under 50 pounds. Yes, I am carrying a parcel. A little human the size of an orange is resting inside me just below my navel. Right now, the cost of this carrying this baggage seems high, especially when the nausea sets in. But I KNOW beyond a doubt that it will seem exponentially lower once I am holding Little Orange in my arms.

 What have I learned so far in this process of being pregnant?

*Determining a baby’s due date is a little different than just counting nine months away from conception. Who knew?
*I have WAY too many names on my list, and I am WAY too obsessed with thinking of names and first-middle combinations. I will easily stay up all night, thinking of names.
*Morning sickness is not just in the morning. Darn.
*There is no cure-all for the “ickiness” of pregnancy, but there are some helpful temporary remedies. Here’s what’s worked for me:
-Apple cider vinegar- about a shot glass a day interspersed within a few glasses of White-Cranberry-Strawberry juice.
-Phosfood liquid drops- about 4-5 drops in a glass of ice water. Gives the water a slight bright yellow tint, but the taste is virtually non-existent.
-Papaya pills- these chewable pills are great for after meals, especially if you have something spicy.
-I’ve HEARD blackstrap molasses is great for what ails ya, but I have not yet conquered the fear of swallowing this thick goo. So I can’t personally recommend it. Maybe someday I will get desperate enough to try itJ.
-Eating small bites of something bland throughout the night and day- especially so it doesn’t hit you like a freight train when you wake up in the morning. I like KIX or a piece of gluten-free bread.
-Doing some yoga or going for a walk outside in the fresh air.
-Sleeping with a heating pad. I put in on my neck and shoulder-area.
-Drinking sips of water throughout the day and not drinking a whole lot during meals.
-Eating small meals. About 6 a day.
-Sometimes the only thing that helps is lying down and praying you will wake up feeling better.

*The first trimester blues are sometimes encored into the second trimester. Some even have it into the third. It’s different for everyone. AND even though your mother and grandmothers did not have a LICK of morning sickness DOESN’T secure you a spot in that coveted group. Darn Tootin’,
*The best pregnant food ever is Mike’s Wine Dive’s Parmesan Encrusted Chicken Caesar Salad. Hold the dressing. Can’t get enough.
*Having mom nearby=priceless. I have quite the servant-hearted mother, and she is quick to come to my aid when I need her.
*I have the most servant-hearted husband in the world. He is loving me through his acts of service and kindness. It can’t be fun having a sick wife all of the time, but God has blessed me with a man who seeks God’s will and to glorify Him. Ladies, appreciate the men God has given you and let them know how much you appreciate them. I assure you that they won’t tire of the deserved praise.


Steve Finnell said...

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Erin said...

Woot-woot! So excited for Baby D!

And I know that people probably keep telling you that it's worth it...it's just hard to imagine NOT feeling this way! But just like the pain of childbirth, God erases the memories of pregnancy sickness, too :)

Have you tried Preggy Pops? I have a friend who constantly sucked on them (they're like candy) and swears by them...but I haven't tried them because desserts and candy pretty much made me sick all 40 weeks :(

PS - I'm glad you like the Phosfood! You can use up to 30 drops in a glass of water if you need to. It'll just taste lemon-y.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly!!! Congrats my friend!!! This is so stinking exciting!

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! So excited for you!

petie mae said...

where does one acquire a preggy pop?