Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first "Valenday" as a Mrs.!

One of my first-graders from Sunday School accidentally yet adorable called his formal navy blazer he was wearing his "Valenday's" jacket, and I kinda got hooked on the word:) Valenday was wonderful this year, what with getting to hang out with some great gals over lunch at Wichita State, then taking my little girlfriend, who is not so little anymore, Maddi out to coffee and to share sketchbook ideas and do some communal sketching/chatting. Maddi is an 8th grader at Andover Central Middle School and I have been babysitting her since i was eleven and she was an infant! Now she's all growned up:) Then I raced home and met my husband, who surprised me with a calming back rub that was VERY much needed. Then we once again raced away to his basketball game. My parents and some good friends came to cheer him and his team on. I must say, my husband has got skillz, yo. He tears up the court. After the game, my parents gave us our Valenday's gifts- chocolates, a massage gift certif to Healing Waters!!!!! (for me from my daddy), a cute heart shaped ceramic bowl, and gifts for Baby DJ- two cute outfits and a Dr. Seuss book.

Then we came home and got "dolled up" for our date night at YaYa's Eurobistro- reservations at 9! On the way there, husband gave me an adorable hat-gloves set and journal that he purchased at Onion Tree- a local boutique that sells local work (some Petie Mae Jewelry is actually being sold there, too:)!/theOnionTree.

Husband chose this quote because of my desperate need and love for sunshine!

We ordered PASTA, and i am so capitalizationally excited about that because i am gluten-free and can NEVER order pasta! But yes, YaYa's has gluten free pasta. I got an angel hair pasta with chicken and lemon butter cream sauce...divine. D got a shrimp pasta. I would've gotten the chocolate souffle (since that, too, my friends, is GLUTEN FREE!), but we pretty much could not find another ounce of room in our bellies. So sad, that feeling of utter stuffed bliss, but then having to reject something so tasty sounding! We Americans are spoiled.

So all i did for my husband, if this even counts, was make him some homemade cards from a Valentine's Soiree i attended a week or so ago. (check out more on the party at Courtney's site, Honey Comb Creative Co. Yes, i am also making him a baby, but i still feel like i should've done more. i know he DESERVES more. Which brings me to the question: Do women typically give men gifts on Valentine's Day, too? Do you?

Well, all in all, it was a wonderful Valenday. :) I thank the Lord for giving me such an amazing earthly provider and protector.


Laura said...

Ha, so this is almost creepy, but David and I celebrated our first married Valentine's Day with dinner at Yia Yia's (reservations at 9 on Saturday) and I got the same pasta as you. :) I gave him a card - the first 'Happy Valentine's Day to my husband' card! - and some candy. I have no idea what you're supposed to give men for Valentine's Day.

Oh, and that Dr. Seuss book? I love it! I read it almost daily to kids at work.

petie mae said...

haha that is a little creepy...considering we also went to the same exact place for our honeymoons!

Wasn't that pasta amazing? Are you gluten-free?