Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Five Things I Get to Blame on Crazy Pregnancy Hormones:

  1. Running my car full speed into my parents’ house (brick wall and garage door=totaled). Yes, this happened. Technically, I was two weeks pregnant, so I can now blame that incident on the body’s preparation for the babe. 
  2.   Fast food cravings- McDonald’s, SONIC, Wendy’s and Taco Bell in one week=seriously? I don’t think I’d been to ANY of those in months, if not years for some. I was actually driving thru KFC the other day, on a particularly snowy day, craving one of those mashed potato bowls where they add the popcorn chicken (kinda craving that now, actually). The lady in front of me was taking FOREVER. Finally, i pulled up. Waited a minute. Yelled some tentative "hello?"'s into the speaker. The line behind me was getting longer. HELLO?? No answer. So i pulled around, only to find a flyer taped on the window that said they were closed due to the snow. Why they put the flyer there and not on the drive-thru speaker is beyond me. 
  3. Erratic sleeping patterns and excessive sleeping. Really, it’s hard to want to do anything but sleep when you don’t feel well. Sad, but true. Last night, i stayed up reading a cookbook that my husband won at a church auction years back. It was all these Dutch names and strange recipe combos. "Recipes and Remembrances: Celebrating 100 Years Lebanon Christian Reformed Church". I will have to do an excerpt on some of the strangest recipe ideas they have in there.
  4. Taking special trips to the grocery store for that “one thing” you just have to have! Or the only thing that remotely sounds edible.
  5. Crying at virtually any song I hear. There’s always a line in the song where I reach my “breaking point” and I all of the sudden choke up. Sometimes it’s completely random. For instance, take the line that choked me up when I was listening to Jason Wade’s “You Belong to Me”: … “fly the ocean in a silver plane…” Yep. The silver plane got me.

In reference to #2, I got great advice from a friend who has had 5 little ones of her own: Eat whatever junk food you want in the first trimester, because you are likely to never want those foods again after it’s over! Excellent. I’m already disgusted by tots. Chicken nuggets, on the other hand…let’s hope that craving goes away;) 

And then i heard that they put the equivalent of SAND in the taco meat at Taco Bell... there's just no way i can get over that mental picture. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_Taco_bell_meat_have_sand

Oh, and it's snowing just beautifully outside today here in Wichita, Kansas...

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Lucy said...

It IS true, you will never want those foods again... UNTIL you get pregnant again. :) Happens to me every time...