Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My purpose

any riptide in my easy-flowing ocean would turn into a tsunami if i tried to handle it on my own.

i'd drown.
and take those nearest down with me.
I am stressed.
I am Yours.
I'm confused.
You are mine.
I am so vain, conceited, sinful.
You take upon each and every one of my sins as Your own.
My life is like a flower, a wave, a vapor.
My purpose is eternal.
My purpose is His purpose.
I should lose myself if i am to find true peace,
intimacy with Christ.

1 comment:

Kiley said...

I love this.
The two extremes that I think we all find when we are at our deepest and most vulnerable: that we are nothing, and yet we are everything to Him.
You said it in a beautiful way.