Thursday, December 18, 2008

After Book Club

Give me a dollar, and i'll take 100,000. This being in reference to my giving to my dad vs. his giving to me. i am the most expensive female on this planet.
Book club was tonight and it was glorious b/c i love those women, but actually it was really hard. This book has taken me for a spin, and now i feel dizzy and out in the middle of nowhere. At least i have my Compass. Who encompasses all things, no matter its triviality or strength of confusion. Lord, the world tells me lies and I stupidly believe them. What is man that you are even mindful of them? You care for me. and i have no idea why. When this is how i treat You. i have so far to go, and such a short time getting there. Lord, mold me. Reshape me. Give me Your eyes. Mold my life into perfect congruence with Yours.

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Raedora said...

Amen, Petie!

I love getting to see this side of you in your blog. How my heart echoes with those same feelings.

Love, Jamie