Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pure, Raw and Unfiltered.

I'm talking about honey, of course (you assumed that, right???). My current food obsession. My constant craving. If i were on an island and could eat nothing but one thing for the week i was there (i guess i could just say i was at home, too, but an island sounds more survival-y), i would have toast topped, and i mean topped, with peanut butter and honey. Lots and lots of oozing, golden, sticky and sweet yummy yummy honey! The oozing-er, the better! Of course, if this realistic scenario actually happened, my overindulgence would most likely end my obsession and create in its place a deep aversion for anything resembling honey. I guess we'll see:) hmm...when am i going to an island anytime soon?

So i get this pure, raw and unfiltered honey at my local Whole Foods (which is NOT, i assure you, like the huge amazing monstrosities of a natural food market that you are familiar with). This Whole Foods is tucked in the corner of a shopping strip and has about 5 aisles. But they do have two things I am hard pressed to find anywhere else--acai berry sorbet and HONEY! I like the fact that i am supporting my local farmers (these are from Haddam, Kansas, by the way), even though my support is equivalent to wearing a thin t-shirt meant to hold up the "girls". It still is SOMETHING, right? Better than nothing, so I've heard.

Honey is not without its disadvantages though. First of all, I woke up this morning at 5 am starving. So i went down to make me two slices of peanut buttery honey-oozing toast. And what usually happens is i wake up with a slice of my hair matted together in a hard sticky mess of golden goodness. Nice. This morning, though, I switched it up. I decided instead to put my finished plate on the floor by my bed, and then i decided to get out of bed, and now one of my foots' underside is covered in goodness. Better than the hair, I suppose. Easier to wash. Quicker, at least. Oh, and did i mention that i lick every plate after completion of my snack? Well, I do. And I should have mentioned that. B/c it makes the story all the more pitiful.

Right now I am trying to fall back asleep, while "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks plays a sweet melody in my head, and my brain turns to mush because right now, I kid you not, I have no idea the answer to this question:

Do bees eat honey?

Get back to me.
Blame it all on my roots...

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