Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't Trust Me With a Razor or Rehearsal Dinner.

Let's begin by telling a tale of a wedding. (Of course, what else is on my mind?). My brother and sister-in-law's wedding to be precise. Those of you who know me may not be as surprised to hear this. But I performed a 6 minute long "Interpretive Dance" at my brother's wedding. Ok, not the wedding itself, but the rehearsal dinner. And this was not a 20 people rehearsal dinner. there were at least 200 people in the audience that night. My brother played the guitar and sang some song i can't even think of right now. And i danced. Made it up as i went along. No former practice or thought. What i didn't know was that the song was 6 minutes, and i ran out of moves by minute 3. It was excruciating yet fun. I was on my period, and i could tell i needed a tampon change. That, and i forgot to bring a bra (didn't need one for the dress i was wearing) for my actual dancing outfit. Yes, i was super skinny at that time and maybe a large A cup, but still...so many things could've gone wrong on that. I don't know how to get the actual footage on my computer yet, but once i do, maybe you will get a much-deserved treat. I don't know why it's much deserved. But it is:) In the meantime, allow me to share another experience with you. It goes along the lines of my craziness. Like i said, nothing new to those who have been around me more than once. maybe twice. It all started with my fiance wanting me to give him a "trim". He's had the shortest darn haircut all his life until i became the authority of the hair:) Actually, he just knew i loved shaggy hair, so he was willing to give it a try. but it had become a bit too shaggy, i admit. So last saturday night he brings his little kit over and hands me the electric razor. Let's just say there was an emergency haircut at church the next morning by a hairdresser who received a frantic call the night before.I had botched it. Yes, my wonderfully seasoned artistic hands completely botched my man's head. Don't think it could be as bad as i make it out to be? WEll, see for yourself:

And get this, my fiance's reaction was that he loved how we made a funny memory together and that we bonded because of it. He could care less about his hair. He just thought i was so cute for freaking out like i did. I was cry-laughing and convulsing. That is not on tape. Good thing. But check out my man in a backwards ballcap! Isn't he fine? He never wears them:( But he should.

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Ready 4 Anything said...

OMG! I just watched the video and you 2 are hilarious. I mean I already knew this but this just solidifies it. ;-) Love ya girl!